So Fly Studio

Need a new challenge? So, Fly.

Fly Float:

This 60-minute Aerial Yoga class combines traditional yoga poses with the aerial hammock apparatus to achieve a full-body workout. Class begins with a warm-up, followed by a series of grounded flows. As class progresses, poses will move into the hammock, and elevated off the ground. Class ends with a Peak Pose, and a Savasana - cocooned safely in the hammock.

Fly Fit:

A more rigorous exercise program compared with Fly Float, this 50-minute Aerial Fitness class combines fitness, Pilates, and Barre exercises using the aerial hammock for an intense core and upper body workout. Class begins with a warm-up, followed by cardio activity. Class progresses with a series of core and upper body exercises that slowly take you up in the air! Class ends with a Peak Pose and a gentle cool-down.

Fly Fix:

An abbreviated version of Fly Fit, this Aerial Fitness class is focused on achieving a full-body workout in 30 minutes. Great pairing with a 40 minute Stretch class!

Fly Dance:

A natural advancement to Fly Fit and Fly Float, Fly Dance is a 60-minute Aerial Dance class that allows more time to perfect Peak Poses and transitions learned in other Fly classes. Class begins with a warm-up and fitness exercises, followed by 20 minutes to learn and practice poses and transitions. Class ends with a 5-10 minute cool down. A great opportunity to snap some pics!

Preparing for Aerial Classes:

By nature, aerial activity is risky. Serenite' Fitness has rigged their aerial equipment in 100% compliance with the highest of industry standards and hosts instructors with 30+ years of combined experience. Please take the following into consideration before attending class:

  1. Remove jewelry and/or clothing with sharp edges, and zippers. Silks can snag which will compromise safety efficacy.
  2. Remove socks, and avoid lotions before class.
  3. Avoid eating meals 90 minutes prior to class.
  4. Form fitting clothing is ideal for aerial, high-cut shirts and leggings are recommended.
  5. Aerial practice is not recommended for spine injuries, on-going illnesses, vertigo, sensitivity to motion sickness, heart problems, history of stroke, and pregnancy. If unsure, consult both Serenite' Fitness and your Physician prior to registration.